Ons grootste project tot nu toe

Our largest project to date

This week we have mainly been busy finishing our brand new Leather Toilet Bag that belongs to our Exclusive Collection. Only one of this beautiful toiletry bag was made. I will tell you more in this blog.

The design
We saw a leatherworker on YouTube who did exactly made this bag. We liked his bag so much that we used his template to make one ourselves. The difference between the Atelier Grinda bag and that of Ton Liontarion is the type of leather and the extra logos that we have added to the sides and the zipper.

Inside stitch
To make this bag a specific technique used to sew the bag. The bag is turned inside out so that you can sew the sides together from the inside. The result of this is that when we turn the bag outside in again, the sewing is on the inside of the toiletry bag. However, this process is very difficult to perform with Shell Cordovan leather because this horse leather is very stiff.

We have of course done our utmost to make the bag as radiant as possible. For this we painted all the edges with black acrylic paint. This makes the red/cognac colored leather pieces stand out.

Nice that you have read our weekly blog. Maybe we'll see you on our next blog. Greetings, Jason

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