De kunst van edge finishing

The art of edge finishing

Edge finishing is the process of finishing the edges of the leather to make them durable and beautiful. There are various techniques that can be used for this, such as burnishing or painting. The purpose of the edge finish is to give the leather a sleek and professional look.

When burning the leather we use a smooth rubbing stick that can move quickly over the leather. The friction and heat that the stick creates in combination with the leather brings out the natural oils of the leather. This gives you a nice smooth appearance with a natural look.

Burning leather is a long and tiring process, depending on how shiny you want the sides of the leather to look, it can take hours. For the perfect end result you sometimes have to burn the side no less than 3 to 4 times.

Ton Liontarion often uses painting the sides of their products. We do this mainly because we use a special type of acrylic paint that is extra protective. In addition to the fact that finishing the sides of the leather already has a protective function, our acrylic paint has an even more so. We also dye our leather because it can give a beautiful luxurious look to the products.

Painting is also a long process, not only because the paint has to dry but also because a lot of precision is involved. You can't just run a brush along the edge of the leather and hope it turns out fine. There must be complete focus so that you do not accidentally damage the leather with the black paint.

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