Alles over Tanner's Bond Contact Cement

Everything about Tanner's Bond Contact Cement

Tanner's Bond Contact Cement is a powerful adhesive specifically designed for working with leather. It is one of the most popular products on the leather bonding market and is used by professional leather workers and DIY enthusiasts around the world. In this blog post we discuss the benefits of Tanner's Bond Contact Cement and how it can be used for different types of leather projects.

The super strong bond
One of the main advantages of Tanner's Bond Contact Cement is that it has a very strong bond. This means that the leather stays firmly in place and will not come loose, even with daily use. In addition, it dries quickly and transparently, making it a great choice for projects where the adhesive should not be visible.

Various uses
Tanner's Bond Contact Cement can be used for a variety of leather projects, including making bags, belts, wallets, shoes and more. It can be used to bond leather to leather, as well as to attach leather to other materials such as fabric, rubber and wood.

The reason we use Tanner's Bond Contact Cement is that it is easy to apply. It comes with a handy applicator brush that makes it easy to distribute the glue evenly over the leather.

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