Wat is een Saddle Stitch?

What is a Saddle Stitch?

The saddle stitch (Dutch translation: saddle stitch) is a commonly used sewing technique in the leather trade. It is used to join leather pieces using a double stitch, using two needles at the same time. When using this sewing technique, a small button is made in each stitch. This ensures an extra durable, strong and superior product.

Sewing machine vs. Handicraft
The difference between the sewing process with the sewing machine and the sewing process by hand is mainly noticeable in the quality. Because the sewing machine only passes the thread through each hole once, this can mean that if one stitch is broken, the entire series of stitches can be broken. Unlike the saddle stitch, this is not a problem, because with the saddle stitch a small button is made in each hole.

Disadvantages of the Saddle Stitch
One of the disadvantages is that sewing by hand is a lengthy process. One stitch can take as long as 1 to 2 minutes depending on the location of the stitch, the thickness of the leather and the length of the stitch. We spend most of our time sewing our products.

Repairing a saddle stitch is also one of the biggest disadvantages of the saddle stitch itself. Although this may sound strange, a saddle stitch is much more difficult to repair than re-stitching. This is because when repairing the saddle stitch, we have to cut each stitch loose on both sides, and then carefully pick out the thread. This takes a lot of time and effort.

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