9 verschillende kleuren Shell Cordovan leer

What makes Shell Cordovan so sustainable?

Shell Cordovan is a unique type of leather known for its durability and strength. The leather is made from the underlying skin of the horses and is produced by only a few tanneries around the world (We order our leather from Rocado from Italy). It is a popular material for making high-quality shoes, wallets, belts and other small accessories.

The tanning process
One of the main reasons why Shell Cordovan is so durable and strong is because of the way it is produced. This process involves removing the hair and skin from the horse's glutes and then tanning the leather using a special oil. This process gives the leather a dense and smooth structure, making it resistant to wear and damage.

Below you can see an illustration drawn by me. The skin layer that is actually formed into Shell Cordovan lies between the coarse leather and the meat. These two layers are first cut away so that the Shell Cordovan layer (with the finest weaves) remains.

Illustration of Shell Cordovan leather split into 3 segments
Water resistant

Another advantage of Shell Cordovan is that the leather is naturally water-resistant. This is due to the dense structure of the leather, which prevents water from penetrating. This makes the leather perfect for making shoes and boots that can withstand bad weather and wet conditions.

Leather care
Unlike other types of leather, Shell Cordovan requires little maintenance. The leather can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and does not need to be regularly nourished with creams or oils.
In short, Shell Cordovan is a unique and durable type of leather that is perfect for creating high-quality accessories that will last for years. It is resistant to wear and tear.

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