50 Sleutelhangers in 1 maand tijd!

50 Keychains in 1 month!

Our new keychains are finally here! We have created and produced a new design for the key rings. These new leather key rings will have better quality than the previous series. In addition, we have initiated a mass production of no less than 50 pieces.

New design
The biggest change to the design is the stitchline that keeps the metal hook in place, so the product lasts longer and remains nicer, sturdier and does not become loose after a while. We have also painted the sides of the newer version with our black acrylic paint for extra protection against water, moisture and wear.

Why 50 pieces?
We are trying to expand our range this year and next year with newer and better products. For this we purchased 5 to 6 different colors of Shell Cordovan leather. This allows us to make many different variants of the products we design. Because we want a minimum stock of 10 pieces per key ring, this became 50 key rings.

You might be wondering, what's so special about making 50 keychains? Making 50 keychains is not as easy as it sounds, as you have to do each step no less than 50 times, and that is if everything goes according to the perfect plan...

Nice that you read our weekly blog. Maybe we'll see you on our next blog. Greetings, Jason

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