Is Shell Cordovan het geld waard?

Is Shell Cordovan worth the money?

Shell Cordovan is one of the most durable but also most expensive types of leather in Europe. This is because the leather is tanned in a special way, which makes it more exclusive and therefore more expensive. But is Shell Cordovan worth the money?

This question is difficult to answer because the question of whether something is worth it in the first place is difficult enough. If we look critically at what Shell Cordovan produces compared to other "normal" leather types such as cowhide or calf leather, the difference in quality is enormous. We tested this by making a small incision in the cow leather and in the horse leather (Shell Cordovan). Then we tried to tear apart the leather with the cut in it. This allows us to test whether the tissues of the skin are properly attached to each other. With the cowhide it quickly tore, but with the Shell Cordovan you had to use enormous force if you wanted to tear it.

We also think that Shell Cordovan has a much nicer appearance, with a nice shiny finish compared to the cowhide, which usually has a gloss layer, but not nearly as much shine like the horse skin. The glossy layer gives the product a very luxurious look and is more water resistant.

Shell Cordovan is stronger, more beautiful and more durable. But cowhide is much cheaper. We personally believe that you have an equal price-quality ratio for Shell Cordovan and cow leather. You pay more for Shell Cordovan, but you also get more. 

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