Een nieuw product ontwikellen is extreem lastig!

Developing a new product is extremely difficult!

Ton Liontarion has been extremely busy lately developing new products and accessories. Consider accessories or products that actually have a function and cannot only be used for luxury. We are talking about products such as the new AirTag Covers that will be released soon, or our new Moneyband. But why are these types of products so difficult to develop?

You start with a good idea, and in the end there is nothing left.
Don't be scared by this title, it happens often enough. As a leather designer, you spend a lot of time inventing and creating new interesting products that may have a fun or useful addition. The problem is not the ideas, but the development of these ideas. 

Working out the ideas
When you When you start working on a new idea, many unexpected things may come your way. When you are busy with your good idea, you sometimes forget about the negative, less pleasant ailments. You will only encounter this later during the trial production of the new product. There can be many reasons why developing a new product is very difficult. Here are our most common reasons why we can't develop a new idea for a product: the product doesn't look nice, the product is too difficult to use, the product is too difficult to make and many more reasons.

Dealing with failure
Personally, I think it I don't mind if something goes wrong with the product, as long as I can fix it without losing the quality of the product. It is very important to test many different variations of one product and then see which version is the best. This is a very time-consuming process because you sometimes have to make as many as 5 different versions.

Nice that you read this blog. See you at our next weekly blog! Greetings, Jason

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