Warranty Leather Accessories

We offer you a 5-year warranty on our leather accessories. We make our leather accessories from genuine Shell Cordovan horse leather from Italy and are processed by hand into the final product. This allows us to promise our customers the best quality.

What can you do with our guarantee?

With the warranty that you receive when purchasing your leather accessories, you can repair, replace or, if this is not possible, reimburse your product (if it has become defective naturally) free of charge within a period of 5 years after the date of purchase. get.

Warranty conditions

- The product is used with care.
- The product has not been damaged on purpose.
- All original receipts have been retained and can be proven.

< em>Our workshop examines whether your products have been used carefully. If we have found that this is not the case, you can no longer make use of our warranty and therefore will not receive any reimbursement for your defective accessories.