About us

About our store

Ton Liontarion is a leather shop located in IJsselstein, Utrecht. We have been around since 2020 and have been making all our leather accessories with love and passion ever since. All our products are unique and made with craftsmanship. We strive to offer our customers the highest quality and the most beautiful products.

The creator behind Ton Liontarion

Hi, I'm Jason. I am the creator of all leather accessories, the webshop and basically everything that has to do with the company. I don't employ any staff and I do everything myself. So I am a truly independent entrepreneur, but for me Ton Liontarion has never been a company but a fun hobby, a way to create and also a way to express my creativity.

The origins of Ton Liontarion

When I was 16 years old I watched a video on YouTube about someone who had made a leather wallet. "I want to do this too!" is the first thing that crossed my mind without having any understanding of the craftsmanship itself. A few days later after doing some research I came up with something: "I'm going to buy some nice tools and I'm going to make a belt for my father."

Some time later (which feels like a century). lasted) I finished the belt. I was very happy with it even though it didn't look very nice. I went to my father and gave him my homemade gift.

I like the work so much that I wanted to continue with it. I finally had something to do that took ages but somehow still satisfied my impatient desires. Since that day I still haven't been able to release a finger.

Chamber of Commerce number: 86066625
VAT number: NL004185308B20