Hoe is Shell Cordovan populair geworden?

How did Shell Cordovan become popular?

Shell Cordovan is one of the most popular types of leather for shoes and boots. But Shell Cordovan is now also used for many other products. In this blog we will elaborate on why Shell Cordovan has become so popular.

Shell Cordovan has a unique appearance that cannot be matched by other types of leather. It has a rich, deep color and a subtle shine that only becomes more beautiful as the leather ages. This makes the leather perfect for creating timeless and classic accessories that will last for years.

Shell Cordovan in the last century
In the last century around 1930 to 1940, wearing a pair of Shell Cordovan shoes was a very popular choice for most gentlemen. This is mainly because it is a very dense type of leather with high quality, strength and durability. But the beautiful shine of the Shell Cordovan leather also plays a major role in why the gentlemen chose this shoe.

Popular again
In recent years, Shell Cordovan has become popular again due to the growing interest in high-quality, sustainable products. It is increasingly appreciated by people looking for quality and craftsmanship.

In addition, several different types of products are now made from Shell Cordovan, such as: card holders, wallets, belts, bags, small accessories, etc.

The many new manufacturers of special leather also play a major role in the newly emerging market. Because there are more manufacturers, there is more competition and the prices of the skins will be lower. This is therefore advantageous for the buyers of the leather, making it more attractive to use this leather for the products.

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