Onze top 5 gereedschappen/tools voor leerbewerking

Our top 5 tools for leatherworking

Working efficiently and safely is extremely important in the leather world. Efficiency is necessary to increase profit margin (or reduce labor hours) and without a good profit margin, you are doing a lot for very little.

A metal ruler with a non-slip backing
It speaks for itself obvious, but a ruler with a non-slip backing ensures that your ruler does not simply slip away when you cut along the edge of the ruler. This is not only very important for your safety, but it also ensures that you can work more accurately and faster. We recommend only using rulers made of strong metal (not aluminum).

A large cutting mat
We use a cutting mat of approximately 60cm x 90cm (this fits exactly on our workbench). When we just started producing our first products we only had a small cutting mat (A3) size, I thought it wouldn't make much difference to order a large or small cutting mat. Afterwards we regretted it as a small cutting mat is completely useless.

< /strong>The sandpaper is also very important, we use this of course to clean the edges of the workpiece. But which sandpaper to use is very important. If you're not entirely sure, the best idea is to choose a few different types of sandpaper and try them all to see which sandpaper gives the best results.

Arbor Press
This medium-sized machine can be used to emboss logos into the leather. The arbor press is a good purchase for new leatherworkers on a budget. You can order such an arbor press for around € 100. The arbor press is also very easy to use and is also easy to install on your workbench.

A good knife
It sounds logical that you need a good knife to cut leather. But which knife exactly you need is a difficult subject. There are countless different knives that you can use. Here are a few examples: rotary knife, skiving knife, halfmoon knife. But you also have simpler knives, such as small knives, thick knives and many more. So do your research and watch a few YouTube videos to see exactly which knife suits you.

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